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3 Reasons To Ramp Up Your Job Search This Christmas

2023 is coming to an end and we’re all looking forward to a break at Christmas. But now is not the time to put your job search on hold.

It’s time to ramp things up!

Here’s why…

1. Less competition

Many job seekers choose to take a break from job searching in the run up to Christmas. As a result, you may find there is less competition when applying for a job giving you a greater chance of securing the right opportunity.

2. The process can be quicker

December is often a time when teams are winding down. This frees up time for companies to expedite the recruitment process and conduct interviews. In addition, you may find it easier to book time off work to attend interviews and are less likely to arouse suspicion with your current employer – taking a half day to go ‘Christmas shopping’ in December isn’t unusual.   

3. Hit the ground running in January

You could benefit from your new employer having more time to train you, the chance to integrate with the team during a quieter period and the opportunity to take part in company festivities. It’s a great way to hit the ground running in January.

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