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5 Ways To Maximise The Relationship With Your Recruitment Partner

In a challenging labour market, the strength of a good partnership with a knowledgeable recruitment partner is fundamental to help businesses of all sizes find the people they need to deliver business growth and stand out from their competitors.

So how can you maximise the relationship with your chosen recruitment partner?

1. In selection

Look for the REC member logo or affiliation to another professional body. Awards nominated for or won will reflect areas in which they excel. Ask questions about the firm’s compliance regime and how they invest in professional development.  

2. In commissioning

Think about the longer-term talent needs not just the short–term roles. The more you can consider your organisational plans over the long term and plan it into your recruitment strategy the better your outcomes will be. 

3. Treat it as a partnership not as a transaction

Those firms that look at their recruitment services as a partner to what they’re trying to achieve and design this into their approach to organisational planning get better outcomes than those that look at each hiring phase as a one-off transaction.

The more your recruitment partner can get to know and understand your business the better matches they will make.

Understand the fee structure and appreciate what goes into the service beyond the candidates they put in front of you. 

4. Invest time in the recruitment process

Meet with your recruitment partner to explain your organisational design, potential future needs, outline your requirements and discuss the job description. Don’t forget to block out the diary time for interviews and decision making in advance. 

5. Be open to advice and compromise

Take on board feedback whether it’s about pay or the skillset required, a knowledgeable recruiter will know what’s needed to fulfil the brief and what your competitors are doing to gain an advantage. This is where keeping up with the Jones helps. 

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