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Benefits of Hiring Through a Recruitment Consultancy

Most organisations have their own methods of recruitment in place but there may come a time when you need to reach out to a third party. Perhaps your traditional recruitment methods are proving ineffective or you just don’t have the capacity to manage the recruitment process yourself.

So what are the main benefits of hiring through a recruitment consultancy?

Expert Knowledge

Top recruiters are experts in their specialist markets. They provide hiring managers with market insights and know what talent is available.  They have access to the talent pool and understand their expectations in terms of salary, benefits and career aspirations. Where demand for candidates outstrips supply, they will advise on the best way to attract talent and suggest alternative solutions. JS Recruitment work across eight specialist areas, successfully placing staff at all levels. We do this by employing our expert knowledge and experience in these areas to help candidates make the right career move and organisations to find top talent.

Trusted Relationships with Hard to Reach Candidates

Some candidates are passive, others are selective. Suitable candidates may prove illusive for a variety of reasons; they’re not actively looking for a career move, they’re too busy to conduct an extensive job search, they have an abundance of similar job vacancies to choose from. A good recruiter will have trusted relationships with candidates in your sector who are otherwise hard to reach. JS Recruitment work to connect industry professionals with organisations and have an established network of candidates, across multiple specialist areas, which continues to expand year on year.

Candidates Not Applicants

Job advertisements are often used to attract talent. However, an individual responding to an advert may not be a good match for the vacant position, team dynamic or culture within your organisation. An inordinate amount of time can be spent filtering, assessing and following up with unsuitable applicants. Using a recruitment consultancy will save you time as you will only see candidates not applicants. Candidates who have been qualified and carefully selected to match the criteria provided and who can be recommended with confidence for interview. At JS Recruitment we like to meet all our clients in person to ensure that we truly understand their business and the brief. This consultative approach ensures that candidates are placed in the right roles, providing our clients a return on their investment and candidates with job satisfaction and long term career prospects.

To learn more about how JS Recruitment can assist you and your organisation visit the Client page or contact us on 01977 269069.

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