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BEWARE the Force!

Does your hiring process attract or repel candidates?

If the answer to this question concerns you, then it’s time to conduct a review.

A successful hiring process creates the force of attraction and delivers the talent a business needs. Candidates are engaged throughout, rarely drop out and eager to accept job offers. If this isn’t happening, then a review can help you to determine where the process is falling down and what improvements need to be made.

Review your process

A good starting point is to identify and map out the steps in your current recruitment process from preparation stage through to onboarding.

Interview those responsible for implementing the process and ask for feedback from people who have experienced the process. This could include HR, hiring managers, recent recruits and candidates who’ve turned down the opportunity to join your organisation. Their insights will give you a greater understanding of how the process works and what, if any, problems exist.

Analyse the data

Recruitment metrics are a set of data measurements which can be used to gauge how effective your hiring process is and inform your decision making.

Data analysis can prove revealing, highlighting where you’re getting things right and exposing the weak areas in your process.

If you don’t use recruitment metrics already then you should consider measuring the following: 

  • Time to fill
    • how long does your process take?
    • do candidates drop out of the process?
    • does it take too long?
  • Source of hire
    • where do your hires come from?
    • which source is most effective?
  • Offer acceptance rate
    • do candidates accept your job offers?
    • is your offering attractive and competitive?
  • Cost per hire
    • how much money are you spending?
    • are you getting a return on the investment?
  • Candidate experience scores
    • what do candidates like/dislike?
    • is the experience positive?
  • Retention rate
    • do staff stay or leave?
    • why do staff stay?
    • why do staff leave?

Create a plan

Use what you’ve learnt from the review and data analysis to create a process improvement plan. It may be a small undertaking with a few minor tweaks required or a complete redesign, either way it’s important to take the time to communicate the plan to your team and listen to their feedback. This approach is more likely to secure their buy-in.

Monitor how things are going as the new process is rolled out and executed. Keep the feedback loop open with your team and continue to track the recruitment metrics.

Becoming a candidate magnet is no mean feat but it’s something all organisations should strive for. A finely tuned hiring process could give you the edge you need to win the war for talent in what continues to be a fiercely competitive marketplace.  

Need help with talent attraction?

JS Recruitment can offer expert advice and guidance to help you attract the best candidates. For further information contact us on 01977 269069 or info@jsrecruitmentuk.com

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