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Building a Talent Pool During Lockdown

Will you have the people you need to bounce back from lockdown?

Workforce planning can be challenging at the best of times, but the pandemic is presenting businesses with a unique set of circumstances to navigate. Whilst it’s difficult to plan for life after lockdown your business needs to be ready by ensuring that you’re in a position to hire the best people when the time is right.

Why build a talent pool during lockdown?

  • Talent is ready and waiting, giving you a head start when you get back to ‘business as usual’
  • Being proactive can help to reduce costs and time to hire by ensuring productivity isn’t affected too much by staff shortages
  • Taking time to recruit in this way, as opposed to being reactive and rushing the process, can improve the quality of your hires
  • The talent pool approach can prove beneficial where the employer brand is weak, the package on offer isn’t competitive or there are undesirable features to the opportunity e.g. unfavourable office location. It gives recruiters more time to effectively sell candidates on your company and overcome any reservations.
  • A talent pool can act as your contingency plan, should a member of staff decide to move on you will have engaged candidates waiting in the wings to replace them

To find out how we can support you and your business in building talent pools contact 📞 01977 269069 or 📧 info@jsrecruitmentuk.com.

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