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Candidate Attraction in a Pandemic

There’s loads of great candidates out there, right!?

Like us you are probably hearing this all the time, the headlines are shouting about rising unemployment and redundancies and businesses being adversely affected by the pandemic.

So, there should be a very large talent pool available yes and recruiting should be easy right now?

Unfortunately this is far from true and at JS Recruitment we are seeing employers and businesses struggling to recruit the talent there are looking for more than ever:

  • Candidates are being ultra-cautious when deciding whether to move to a new employer or to stay put until there is more job market certainty. They are looking for much improved benefits packages and employer assurances before accepting a new position.
  • Employers are working harder to keep committed and loyal employees onboard who have adapted well to all the changes the pandemic has thrown at them this year.
  • For all employers using direct job boards such as indeed for example are receiving a multitude of CVs for a position, the quality and relevance of applications is much lower and those few ‘top’ candidates are being missed in the sheer time-sapping review process.

How we help you cut through the noise and attract the right candidate?   

Over 80% of the candidates we place are from our proactive search processes meaning we actively go and find your candidate, we do not wait for them to find us via a job advert. Yes of course we review all applications which are received but our default position is to construct a super-accurate profile of the skills and experience you need and to match these to suitable candidates.

Finding the candidates is only stage one. We then carry out extensive online research and telephone and video interviews to create a powerful shortlist of candidates who we know are both capable and keen to meet with their potential new employer. We will not waste your valuable time by putting forward candidates who are not already well versed in your company’s aims and objectives as part of recruiting for the vacancy.

How can you help yourselves to find the right candidate?

Candidates will research you online so making sure your website, reviews and social media platforms are all professional and extol the benefits of working with you is vital.

Culture is key and the first and arguably most important element candidates are looking for when deciding to work for you or not is seeing and feeling your culture and how you treat your employees. 

Consider improving your benefits packages:  

The pandemic has shown candidates the importance of the benefits their company has—or doesn’t have—and will be on the hunt with more structured ideas and demands about the kind of benefits they need to ensure their wellbeing and financial security.

Considerations might include:

  • Increased paid time off (mental health days, sick days, and holiday days)
  • Health, dental and vision insurance
  • Encourage learning and development with tuition or training reimbursement
  • Childcare benefits
  • Gym memberships or discounts
  • Health & Wellness programmes
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Relocation, commuting/travel assistance
  • Enhanced pension contributions or retirement benefits
  • Short, long term disability insurance

Workplace perks such as bonding activities, food and coffee, and flexible work schedule including remote working long after the pandemic is over to encourage and maintain work life balance.

Candidate attraction is now more complex and time consuming than ever and we are here to help you every step of the way.  If you would like book a Candidate Attraction meeting please contact us on 01977269069 or email info@jsrecruitmentuk.com

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