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Culture and Brand – How to Represent Your Company in a Virtual Interview

A positive culture and strong employer brand can play a vital role in attracting, engaging and securing the best talent.

Despite the challenges posed by Covid 19, many candidates still want to get a feel for your culture and employer brand which is more difficult if they can’t visit the premises.

So how can interviewers best represent your company culture and brand in a virtual job interview?


  • Give candidates some foresight by sending your employee handbook in a digital format via email
  • Share videos with interviewees – show the office space and their colleagues at work, if possible
  • Direct candidates to the company’s website and social media channels


  • If you’re working from home, dress for the office – model the dress code
  • Include a group video meeting as part of the process – introduce interviewees to other members of the team
  • Put the company brand on display – have a branded mug on your desk or a roller banner in the background


  • Send an email to thank the candidate for attending and confirming next steps in the process
  • Once the interview process is complete, call the candidate to provide feedback and an outcome
  • If you offer the candidate, consider using remote onboarding

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