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Hiring the Underdog

Don’t discount the underdog

As a hiring manager, you’ll be used to dealing with a range of job applicants of varying backgrounds. Some candidates submit glittering CVs showing attendance at prestigious universities, top grades and bags of experience. Others might show what you were hoping for on paper but don’t discount the underdog!

In recruitment terms the underdog is likely to be the candidate that’s thought of having less chance of succeeding. They may not have the education, grades or experience but perhaps, they can offer you something else.

Research suggests that underdogs can be motivated to prove others wrong leading them to perform better. Furthermore, they often possess an array of desirable attributes including:

  • Resilience – used to dealing with and overcoming setbacks
  • Tenacity – determined and works hard to achieve goals
  • Loyalty –  back the underdog and they’ll respond in kind
  • Drive – motivated to succeed

A winning hiring strategy

Hiring an underdog is a risk but it could be argued that this is true of any candidate. The risk can be mitigated by using comprehensive assessment tools during the selection process. This will help you to identify candidates with the right attitude and soft skills.

Think of Chris Gardner, best-selling author of The Pursuit of Happyness, a homeless man who became a millionaire investor. His is an inspiring story of an individual overcoming adversity. It’s also a great example of how hiring for attitude and training for skill can prove to be successful.

In a time when candidates are scarce and you’re wondering where your next hire will come from, the underdog could be just the answer you’re looking for.

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