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Home Schooling vs New Career

Now in the midst of lockdown #3 we are seeing candidates having to turn new positions down because of home schooling responsibilities and or childcare issues.

Employers are disappointed at losing that special candidate they spent time and effort finding as candidates feel they cannot start or commit to a new position with home schooling or child care responsibilities.

As employers what can you do to help, especially if you are wanting to recruit still and want to find those talented and skilled candidates who are very likely to be working for someone else?

Our advice is to be super flexible!

  • Employers can offer furlough to any employee who is now having to home school or has childcare issues due to the current restrictions
  • Offer a flexible working day, we are seeing 7am-10am working, 10:30-2:30 off while they home school and then work 3pm-5pm for example.
  • Get into a great dialogue with potential candidates, get their worries on the table and find a workable solution for you both.

With the fantastic vaccination programme well under way, we know there is an end to this current situation and if you come across the right candidate for your business do everything in your power to convince them to join you as you will be able to reset working patterns once schools and childcare arrangements are back to normal. The most important consideration is finding the right person for your business.

Candidate attraction is now more complex and time consuming than ever and we are here to help you every step of the way.  If you would like book a Candidate Attraction meeting please contact us on 01977269069 or email info@jsrecruitmentuk.com

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