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Talent Trends: What’s in store for 2024?

From adapting to artificial intelligence through to embracing flexible working, we explore the top talent trends and people practices for 2024.

So, what can employers and HR professionals expect in the New Year?

Artificial Intelligence

Expect AI to be a hot topic in 2024, particularly generative AI, as organisations seek to harness the power and mitigate the risks of this technology.

In terms of talent acquisition, machine learning technology is being used to source best-match candidates, rank candidates, perform background checks and schedule interviews. Such tools can help to improve efficiency and promote inclusion within the recruitment process, however, in areas requiring human intuition and trust such as interviewing and managing offers AI technology is less likely to be adopted.

Employers and HR professionals will need to evaluate the impact of and adapt to these new technologies as they are set to reshape workforces and change how people work. The CIPD’s point of view on automation, AI and technology makes a number of recommendations for employers to consider.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Creating an equal, diverse and inclusive recruitment process is essential for building a more representative and equitable workforce. It can also provide a range of benefits for employers and your employees.

In a recent report, The Recruitment and Employment Confederation summarised the importance of EDI as follows:

“EDI is not just an ethical imperative, it’s a strategic advantage for businesses in an increasingly diverse, competitive and interconnected world. Both the social and business cases for EDI are compelling, offering huge advantages to clients, candidates and recruiters alike.”

Research by the CIPD shows that people want to work for employers with good employment practices including promoting and delivering equity, diversity and inclusion. Developing and effectively implementing an EDI strategy can help employers to attract talent, retain skills in the business, maintain a positive corporate reputation and enhance business performance.

It’s not just about ticking boxes but developing a culture of equity and belonging. In terms of recruitment, employers should consider providing training to raise awareness, blind CV screening, using bias free assessment tools, building diverse interview panels and embracing inclusive language.


Wellbeing isn’t a new trend but it is becoming increasingly important in the eyes of candidates. Candidates are attracted to work for those employers who prioritise the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Offering benefits such as gym membership, healthcare and financial education is a good start, however, employees will also be looking to your policies – think mental health, fertility leave and menopause support. ACAS provide some excellent advice and template policies to assist with managing employee wellbeing.

Flexible Working

There has been a seismic change in people’s attitude to their working arrangements since the outbreak of the pandemic. Work life balance is now a priority and flexible working is often expected by candidates.

The CIPD’s 2023 report on flexible and hybrid working practices highlights the need for employers to increase both formal and informal flexible working arrangements to improve both staff retention and attract the best talent.

Those employers who embrace flexible working in 2024 will be best placed to win the war on talent and those who do not, risk being left behind.

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