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Why Adopt A Partnership Approach To Recruitment?

A partnership approach pays dividends.

Every business will say that its people are the foundation of – and critical to its success. A strong partnership with a knowledgeable recruitment partner is therefore fundamental in helping businesses of all sizes find the people they need to deliver business growth and stand out from their competitors.

Plan ahead for the best result.

The most successful firms have a five-year workforce strategy and investment plan signed off and reviewed by the board annually. It means they know their intentions around recruitment over the longer term and can plan towards this. As part of this they consider the partners who can best help them deliver this strategy.

It’s easy to think you don’t need recruitment agencies until you are hiring – but taking some time to meet with your (potential) recruitment partner and build a relationship outside of a hiring phase will help ensure they really understand your business; and have you in mind year-round.

Wouldn’t it be nice if great candidates were flagged to you to help you be agile and seize opportunities even when you aren’t under pressure to replace someone?

A good quality recruitment partner can also support and challenge you on your organisational design plans, ensuring you are kept up-to-date with the latest insights into the labour market and trends for your industry. You can then consider this input and advice in your role designs and briefs. Think of recruiters as the professional services consultants that they are. The more you engage in the partnership the more benefits you will reap.

The current labour market is tight and candidate shortages are the norm. If your recruitment partner fully understands your products and services, aspirations, culture and how you stand out compared to your competitors then they are more likely to find the right fit for your business. It means that as they build their relationships on the candidate side they will have potential matches in mind for you and be considering the right skillsets and profiles even before you are in a recruitment phase. When you are recruiting they can then ensure that candidates’ expectations of the role and your business match the reality – making them more likely to both accept the role and stay in it.

Investing time at the outset is time saved in the long run!

It’s easy to send over a job spec. and leave the recruiter to it – but in a competitive labour market it’s crucial that you build in the time to give the recruiter as much information as possible. That includes a face to face briefing wherever possible (or a call at a minimum) – this offers the recruiter the opportunity to give you advice and feedback.

You must also move quickly when the right candidates are identified. Blocking out the time in your diary at the outset for the interview process helps. If you cannot move quickly you risk both losing out on the best candidates and leaving vacancies unfilled.

According to 2022 LinkedIn research understanding how to optimise the job recruitment process can shorten the hiring cycle by 60% while improving the quality of your talent.

Recruitment done smarter, together.

If you’re ready to take a partnership approach to your recruitment, the team at JS Recruitment are here to support you.

We partner with you to:

🔎 Find the best talent.

Providing access to a vast network of candidates and expanding your talent pool.

⏰ Save you time.

Managing the process (so you don’t have to), reducing the administrative burden and
improving hiring efficiency.

💰 Save you money.

Employing our expertise to improve quality of hire and reducing the risk the risk of drop outs.


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