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Will you have to offer home working as the norm post pandemic?

Increasingly we are seeing candidates asking for far more flexibility and considerations as part of their package and near the top of the list is continued home working.

With many office based staff literally thrown into home working in lockdown#1 and with many having done so ever since, employers would have been right in thinking most of their employees would be so ready to get back into the office.

For the candidates however, nearly a year in and now in the midst of lockdown #3, many have come not only to prefer home working, but are actively looking for employers who are offering at least a flexible package of home and office based working permanently.

For many, there is no desire whatsoever to return to the daily commute, both as an experience in itself and also the money saved both on fuel and reduced insurance premiums.

Many are now enjoying the ability to work in a comfortable environment, without office politics, unwelcome peer pressure and alienation that visible hierarchy can bring.

Many home workers are extoling how much more productive and creative they are from home, able to concentrate on their tasks and projects without interruption. The elusive quiet thinking time is now the norm.

We have spoken to employers who are reporting increased productivity, and interestingly a more collaborative workflow and team working: on online/telephone group calls everyones voice is heard whereas in face to face scenarios only the loudest or most confident would be heard at times. Well managed online calls ensure a wider and more expansive pooling of ideas, without intimidation.

Employers are also reporting it is now far easier and faster to get projects over the line, with their employees working collaboratively to deadlines in a far more efficient way: gone are the endless meetings, and procrastination, and in are online project management tools which teams use to understand where they fit into a task and what they have to achieve and by when.

There are of course disadvantages to a home based workforce and those who dislike home working intensely, but as the candidate skills shortage persists, as an employer you will need to tune in to the most desirable working patterns if you want to attract that fabulous candidate into your organisation. 

Candidate attraction is now more complex and time consuming than ever and we are here to help you every step of the way.  If you would like book a Candidate Attraction meeting please contact us on 01977269069 or email info@jsrecruitmentuk.com

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