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Job Hunting Tips

Looking for a new job during a pandemic is challenging however following these tips may just help to secure you your next role:

  1. Get the basics ready: Your CV is crucial for job hunting and don’t forget to ensure that your contact details are visible and up to date.
  • Contact your local recruitment agency: Recruiters can introduce you to new opportunities that you may not come across independently. They act as a great source of support from preparing for interviews through to CV writing tips.
  • The Job boards: Total Jobs, Indeed, Reed, CV Library are a great place to market your CV to recruiters and potential employers.
  • Consider temporary contracts: It may be worth looking into fixed term contracts or temporary positions. Although this may not be your ideal situation it could open doors for you and keep you in the working environment.
  • Volunteer in your spare time: Many companies have a strong sense of social responsibility so by showcasing your volunteering work on your CV you’ll be demonstrating a good cultural fit. This could give you an edge over other candidates at the shortlisting stage of the recruitment process meaning that you secure that all important interview.
  • Prepare for video interviews through platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams: Most interviews are taking place through video calls so familiarising yourself with these platforms will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed on the day of your interview.
  • And most importantly: Be proactive, persistent and productive!

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